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Running a business is difficult enough. You have a lot to think about day in and day out without all the confusion that group health insurance can bring. In an ever changing health insurance environment, we realize not only how complicated it can be, but also how rising costs can make once affordable rates now too expensive.

Use our online services to get a free, no strings attached quote for group health insurance to fit your business. Just fill out the simple form. It takes less than a minute to complete and you are under no obligation to buy.

Let Buck Insurance Agency be your guide to affordable group health insurance options.

Protecting your greatest asset.. your team's health

Group Health Insurance

Broad provider network - Payment flexibility

Suddenly it hits you. The dreaded toothache. Yesterday you were good, but now it hurts to even sip a glass of water. And you know that it’s not going to get better on its own. You need a dentist. With quality dental insurance, you at least have the peace of mind knowing you’re covered.  

Aside from covering the unexpected, most dental plans also provide for preventative care including two checkups a year covered at 100%. It also gives your dentist a chance to reduce the chances of you getting that toothache in the first place. That saves you a lot of pain and money.  

At Buck Insurance Agency we offer a variety of dental carriers that provide top notch coverage at a truly affordable cost and include a large network of local dental providers to choose from.

Dental for individuals & families

Group Dental Insurance

Quality coverage within reach

The possibility of becoming temporarily or even permanently disabled isn’t something any of us want to think about. Unfortunately, statistics show that nearly half of home foreclosures are caused by a sudden loss of income for families. Our individual abilities to produce income is a valuable asset in and of itself. Especially with others in your family depend on you. Even in the short term, something as common as pregnancy can cause of shortfall that could potentially be covered by disability insurance.  

Disability insurance at first glance can seem expensive, but that’s largely because there’s a high probability that you will end up needing to use it. Consider this: If you're 35 years old, earning $50,000 per year, and become disabled for the rest of your life, you'll be losing roughly $1.5 million in income from age 35 to 65. Disability insurance serves to help make up for that loss.  

Our team at Buck Insurance Agency wants to be there to help explore your options when considering this protection and walk you through what would be the best fit for your situation.

Protecting the need for your future earnings

Disability Insurance

Trusted protection against the unexpected

One fact that we must all embrace is that our time here is limited. Death is a part of life and ultimately, it's only a matter of when. Life insurance has the ability to serve a number of roles including the option of being an investment. Most importantly though it’s a way to protect those you love with immediate funds to support their ongoing needs when you’re no longer able to.  

Consider this: If you died tomorrow, would your family be able to continue paying the mortgage and maintain their qualities of life?  

Making sure you’re prepared when the inevitable happens is where we’d like to help. We offer a number of affordable life insurance plans built to protect you and your family if tragedy were to strike in your life.

Peace of mind for when others depend on you

Group Life Insurance

Ensuring comfort for those you care about the most

Aside from the tragedy involved with any workplace injury, dealing with lost wages and financial hardship are real. Would you want to be liable both legally and financially when an employee is suddenly injured at work? Assuming that risk is something most any company wouldn’t want to take on.

When is the last time you’ve spoken to an agent about the benefits of having coverage and liabilities of not having workers compensation coverage. Ensuring that you're informed and prepared is where Buck Insurance Agency can help.

Because work related injuries happen

Workers Compensation

Protecting your business and your employees

Knowing that accidents happen every day, limiting your potential exposure in the event of a lawsuit is where you need general liability coverage for you and your company. Something as simple as a client slipping and breaking a bone can suddenly put your company at risk of paying large medical bills and costly attorney fees.

Making sure your liability coverage matches your level of risk is where Buck Insurance Agency can make sure you’re covered. Contact our team today and lets see how our business can help protect your business.

Safeguarding your livelihood

General Liability

Business insurance for business owners

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